Evans Batlan is a full service estate planning and administration firm, handling estates from the modest to the substantial. As a mother-daughter team, we understand the issues involved in running a family business.

We help plan for the future, whether the estate is modest or more substantial.

  • For families with young children, we focus on the right choices:

    Who is the right person to step into the parental role, as guardian, in the event of both parents’ demise?

    Who is the right person to handle the financial affairs for the children as they are raised? Who can invest wisely, provide the right accounting and reporting, prepare income tax returns, and – most importantly – make the right decisions about spending money?
  • For those who have created or carried on a small business, we can help create and manage the legal structure that is needed, whether that is in the form of a limited liability company or a corporation or other trust vehicles that can provide protection and planning opportunities.
  • For families who face possible estate tax liability, we can explain and help implement sophisticated plans that focus on minimizing dollars lost to the government at death.
  • For those who wish to benefit charity, we can offer an array of choices about how and when to achieve your philanthropic goals.

Our job is to help when we are needed at the time of transition, whether due to death or disability. We help families with the legal tasks they face and can help guide them through the administration of a trust, a small estate, or probate proceeding.